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Cassini Logs: Unreal Short Film Challenge Winner

An ageing scientist must face the dangers of a frozen world, hoping to finish the mission that led to her parents’ disappearance.

Cassini Logs was selected by Epic Games and Screen NSW to be part of the Unreal Engine real-time short film challenge and was chosen as the competition winner. This 5 minute piece is teasing the larger story and gave us the opportunity to introduce our main character and the unique world of the film.
Check out the competition page here:


Character performance by : Helen Cassidy
Voice performance by: Kate Fitzpatrick

Directed by: Alex Popescu and Tim Ben Cole
Produced by: Isabella Povolny and Tim Ben Cole
Written by: Alex Popescu and Tobias Nyman
Story by: Alex Popescu and Tim Ben Cole
Original Soundtrack: Missing Horizon
Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Marco Genovesi
Additional Voice by: Frank Polucci
Sound Design by: Caleb Sullivan
Character Artists: Victor Maiorino Fernandes, Sam Jensen, James Lucas
Build Artists: Daniele Chindamo, Ben Shearman, James Lucas
Character Rigging: Jordan Bartlett
Character Animation: Philip Rakesh, Christian Deanda
Character design: Victor Maiorino Fernandes, Sam Jensen, Alex Popescu
Prop design: Ben Shearman, Tim Ben Cole, Bogdan Draghici
Motion Capture by: Proxi VP

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