My name is Timothy Benjamin Cole and I am a 3D Realtime Artist specialising in the Unreal Engine. I have recently returned to Sydney, Australia after the past few years abroad with ProxiVP.​ My main focus is working with game engines, pushing them as far as I can to achieve cinematic quality work. I am passionate about film, and through my work with ProxiVP became involved in emerging industry of Virtual Production.

In 2017, Guy Norris (Stunt Director Mad Max: Fury Road) set about assembling a team initially for Xmen: Dark Phoenix with the aim of pioneering a new method of film pre-production. Using my experience with sequencer and Unreal for VFX I built a system which allows the realtime visualisation of set design, special effects work, character look development, performance and stunt work via motion capture. This resulted in one of the first Virtual Production systems of it’s kind and revolutionised production on Xmen. Following this I worked with Proxi on Triple Frontier which presented the new challenge of accurate vehicle animation. For this I built a vehicle physics system for all the car chases which was used extensively throughout the film. My work on Peter Rabbit 2 presented the interesting challenge of creature retargeting and working with different scale actors to the sets. Most recently Suicide Squad 2 had the largest sequences to date with up to 12 live motion capture performers into Unreal. This project was also VFX heavy with lots of particle and simulation work.



Software Knowledge

Maya, Photoshop, zBrush, xNormal, Unreal Engine, Unity, Substance Designer, 3Ds Max, Vray, World Machine.



  • Understanding of Anatomy, Design Principles, Color Theory and Composition

  • Organic, Hard Surface, High-Poly and Low-Poly Modeling

  • UV Mapping, Skinning, Rigging, Texturing, Displacement and Normal Map creation

  • PBR Rendering, Shading Networks and Workflows

  • Lighting and Colour Grading 


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